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Small Company Interest

High-Quality Service, Cost-Effective Solutions

Intrinsic Law Corp. specializes in servicing small and medium sized technology companies, and excels at providing high-end services to startup companies and even to individuals and founders at the pre-formation stage. Our embedded legal presence(SM) model is intended to equip smaller organizations with a cost-effective legal presence in situations where the organizations cannot afford or do not yet require dedicated in-house counsel, and where traditional outside counsel is unavailable, unqualified, or too cost prohibitive to dedicate the necessary resources to the needs of such clients. We understand that the conventional legal services model economically penalizes clients for reaching out to their counsel, so we did something about that. We also realized that a major impediment to effective legal counseling is the information and relationship barriers separating clients and their lawyers. The latter due to the insufficient involvement of lawyers in the ongoing developments of their clients and because the key company personnel are generally consumed with other duties and priorities than interacting with counsel.

Hands holding small plant seedling in soil By strategic placement of special counsel at key times and places within an organization, and through strong, ongoing, extended relationships with our clients, we strive to gain an intrinsic knowledge of the operations, business, competition, technology, and legal challenges of each client. This relationship, not hindered by the billable hour economic model of traditional law services, permits us to deliver enhanced value to our clients, which grows in time due to the greater-than-linear benefit of our intrinsic presence within the client’s organization. Our consistent yet flexible model permits smaller clients to retain the benefits of in-house counsel without the cost of hiring full-time counsel, and delivers greater value and effectiveness than possible with conventional request-and-response legal services.

For new enterprises, we assist in strategic and tactical considerations during the pre-formation and formation stage of new ventures. We also provide key services at startup to companies acquiring an initial foundational technology or intellectual property on which the company will grow. During operation, we work closely with the business and technical management of our clients to put in place best practices for determining future policy towards other parties, employment matters, research and publication considerations, joint development, confidentiality and trade secrets, and other corporate practice considerations.

A significant service provided to our clients is to increase the intellectual valuation of our client companies by developing, with management, a concrete plan including deliverables and milestones, for building the intellectual asset base of the company. Beginning with the company’s “core” concepts, followed by its “basic technology,” and then its “key commercial applications.” Quarter upon quarter, we deliver to our clients counseling, patent drafting, competitive analysis, opinions, advice, and reports summarizing the progress towards achieving these goals and milestones. Our embedded legal team not only executes on the deliverable work product at a lower cost than traditional legal services, but importantly, determines along with management what work product it is that the company should focus its resources on month to month, quarter to quarter, and year to year.

The above strategy is intended to result in a tangible, efficiently executed, and meaningful result which will have a material impact on ‘exit’ strategy at the appropriate point in time. There is no shortcut to excellence, and the way we achieve results for our clients is through committed involvement with them at every step: from initial strategy, to attendance with our clients or on their behalf at key business, legal, and technical events and meetings, to just “hanging out with the engineers” to figure out a next step or solve a challenge – if it’s in the company’s interest, our legal team will be on hand to get the job done. Whether it’s in the boardroom or in the lab, in the cubicles or in the court room, we are on your team.