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Law Firm Services

A Partnership With Experience

Tall office buildings Intrinsic Law Corp. draws on our experience at leading national and international law firms in both general practice firms and intellectual property boutiques. We understand the strengths and limitations of traditional IP practices, and offer a partnership which can combine the strengths of the traditional law firm with our unique skills and insights into the needs of our clients.

Our embedded legal presence(SM) provides a strong complement to outside litigation counsel, corporate counsel, and consultant teams in the conduct of litigation, due diligence, and other significant transactions.

In addition, we specialize in providing high-end legal and technical investigative resources to law firms conducting analysis of issues requiring extra depth in technical subject matters which may not be available within the firms. We bridge the attorney-client gap in large scale transactions and IP (e.g. patent) litigation, especially within organizations that do not employ in-house counsel. We also bridge the divide between attorneys and technologists with legally-trained scientific and engineering know-how. See our Case Studies page for examples of real services our staff have provided to clients, which required the highest levels of training and dedication to both the legal and technical needs of our clients.