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Services to Investors

We Invest In Your Success

Hands holding pine cones Intrinsic Law Corp. has years of accumulated experience advising individuals and professional investors and fund managers on intellectual property (IP) related matters. Our attorneys have advised patent holding groups and investors in portfolio value, potential risk, and acquisition decisions. We offer investors informed opinions and advice based on independent review and analysis, which can be used to complement or confirm those received from law firms and litigation counsel.

Our past experience in seeing matters through from the earliest diligence and review phases, to IP asset purchase, and on to asserting IP rights in court gives us a useful viewpoint which informs the way we counsel our investor clients. We have the ability to locate and engage technical experts in a variety of fields from our extended network of academic, industry, and consulting relations to get the answers to your questions. Intrinsic Law Corp. can advise investor clients in matters of IP due diligence, asset purchase, and opportunities for assertion of patent rights.