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High-End Custom Legal Services

Results: Accelerated Our Embedded Legal Presence® model is designed to provide unique, dedicated, high-end legal services to select organizations, especially to small companies with vision, and to medium-sized companies with a clear growth trajectory. In fact, we help design the strategy and guide our clients on such trajectories towards profitable end goals. Counseling clients with precision and honesty, and delivering focused, effective results in furtherance of our clients' end goals are the cornerstones of our practice. Intrinsic Law Corp. offers specialized technical and legal services to law firms, investors, and IP consulting groups. As part of its mission, and starting from the first day of its operation in 2009, Intrinsic Law Corp. established a Pro Bono practice and took on pro bono client work to serve our communities and global society at large.

Small Company Interest

Using our unique Embedded Legal Presence® model we are able to equip smaller organizations with a cost-effective legal presence in situations where the organizations cannot afford or do not yet require dedicated in-house counsel, and where traditional outside counsel is unavailable, unqualified, or too cost prohibitive to dedicate the necessary resources to the needs of such clients... Read More »

Services to Law Firms

Intrinsic Law Corp. draws on our experience at leading national and international law firms in both general practice firms and intellectual property boutiques. We understand the strengths and limitations of traditional IP practices, and offer a partnership which can combine the strengths of the traditional law firm with our unique skills and insights... Read More »

Services to Investors

Intrinsic Law Corp. has years of accumulated experience advising individuals and professional investors... Read More »

Pro Bono

Our pro bono representations include services to veterans’ organizations helping displaced veterans of the armed services, non-profits placing medical services into rural parts of the developing world... Read More »