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Example Areas of Expertise

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Acoustics and Ultrasonics

With Ph.D. and post-doctoral research credentials in acoustics, ultrasonics, and related industrial and biomedical applications, as well as extensive legal experience in this area, our expertise is second to none in these unique fields.

We have prosecuted and analyzed IP portfolios in a variety of fields relating to the acoustical arts, such as ultrasound, ultrasonics, wave propagation, linear and non- linear effects, cavitation, transduction, arrays, and beam- forming technology. In addition, we have conducted liability analysis, diligence reviews, and clearance studies for clients in applications of ultrasound, successfully counseling clients through the venture funding phase of their growth cycle and through complex government-funded research operations.

Our patent prosecution experience covers the imaging and therapeutic effects of ultrasound in clinical applications as well as the techniques and tools of physical acoustics and engineering.

Intrinsic Law Corp. offers highly specialized technical and legal counseling services in the areas of acoustics and ultrasonics.

Also see Speech Recognition, Clinical Therapy Systems, and Medical Imaging.

Applied Physics

Our experience in the applications of physics and basic science goes deep. Benefit from our staff's advanced training and research background in areas of general physics, acoustics, optics, electromagnetics, magnetic resonance, wave phenomena, fluid mechanics, turbulence, combustion, heat transfer, material science, mathematics, and computer simulation.

Client-Server Systems

Our attorneys represented clients adverse to the world’s top software makers in litigation involving client-server technology. We bring years of experience in defending server technology clients from suits by others, and have analyzed and advised clients on numerous occasions on defensive matters relating to client- server IP.

Additionally, we have prosecuted patents in the U.S. and abroad relating to client-server technology in several contexts, including for e-Commerce applications, virtual private networks (VPN), and mobile client-server applications.

Clinical Therapy Systems

We offer clients industry-leading expertise in clinical therapy systems and medical physics. With over a decade of work experience in scientific research and legal service to clients in the field of clinical therapy systems, Intrinsic Law Corp. offers unbeatable value in analysis and execution of IP strategies in this field.

Representative experience includes designing focused therapy arrays, expertise in linear and non-linear acoustic therapy systems, surgical planning, building patent portfolios for academic and research institutions as well as entrepreneurs and U.S. and foreign companies. Some of our clients are in the early stages of development of systems for dermatological treatment. Others are at FDA approval stages for non-invasive treatments of cancers in human patients.

Our knowledge of clinical therapy systems, including non-invasive treatment systems as well as image-guided therapy systems and surgical planning systems is second to none in the industry. If your company is involved in advanced development, modeling, or testing of clinical therapy systems, we have you covered.

Computer Software

Whether preparing patents, licensing data, or gearing up for patent litigation in U.S. federal courts, our skills and experience will benefit clients in the software arts. The law of software patents is ever evolving, and varies from region to region and depending on the application. Always consult a qualified and licensed attorney for questions of patentability and enforcement of software-based technologies before making your business decisions. We can help.

Consumer Products

Our attorneys have a wide range of experiences prosecuting on behalf of clients in the consumer product space, including for example hygiene products, elder products, child products, household products, and entertainment products.

e-Commerce Systems

This is an area of law that has experienced interesting changes over the last several years, and continues to generate interest in the business and legal communities. We have experience assisting clients in patent prosecution and IP risk assessment in this field, as well as in litigation relating to a variety of e-Commerce based technologies. Examples include data mining, credit application processing, and online retail user interfaces.

As to patent prosecution, our attorneys' work has anticipated and adapted to movement in the legal landscapes in the U.S. and elsewhere to secure lasting IP value for clients in the e-Commerce and related fields.

Language Systems

We have assisted clients in a variety of language system technology fields. These include in prosecuting patents in multi-language search systems, voice recognition, speech, translation engines, transliteration, quality and error reduction, and other applications. Also see the Speech Recognition case study.

Laser Based Systems

We have worked with our clients in the area of laser projection systems, including during development of a coherent light based projection system, and advising in dealings with U.S. and foreign suppliers, through the process of prototype development, parts procurement, and licensing of data. Sharing the satisfaction of seeing such systems through from conception to final operational products with our clients has been a special reward.

We are also assisting our clients in securing early rights to laser-based non-invasive clinical imaging systems for compact subcutaneous imagers employing multi- frequency coherent light.

Medical Imaging

Our background combines legal and technical expertise in some of the most interesting and specialized fields of practice. Intrinsic Law Corp.’s attorneys and technical staff hold credentials including doctoral and post-doctoral and research experience at the nation’s leading medical research institutions.

We have experience prosecuting patents in the U.S. and abroad for a variety of medical imaging clients. Examples of our work cover parallel imaging MRI systems, ultrasonic imaging, blood flow imaging, PET, CT, and multi-modal imaging applications. Clients benefit from our understanding of the physics, engineering, and methodologies (e.g., processing and user interfaces) of medical imaging.

Our ability to look ahead and work with clients in the medical imaging and therapeutics fields has resulted in tangible benefits to our clients over the years. Building patent portfolios and conducting due diligence in these fields is a mainstay of our professional practice. We have successfully represented clients in negotiations with venture capitalists to secure investments for our academic institution and start-up clients in this field.

We maintain a long and sustained connection to top scientists at the best medical research institutions and hospitals in the nation. This gives us a broad range of talent to draw on for consulting and expert services in the area of medical imaging and therapeutic applications, another valuable and unique resource of our practice.

Mobile Communications

Our attorneys have over ten years of experience in patent prosecution, litigation, and counseling of clients in the field of mobile communications, including in the areas of mobile messaging, software, hardware, applications, and infrastructure.

Our experience includes developing a portfolio of IP relating to universal messaging on mobile platforms. We assisted our clients in developing a U.S. and foreign arsenal of IP covering Internet services and applications on mobile devices, successfully seeing the client through rounds of financing and beyond.

Our attorneys’ experience includes comprehensive research, planning, and execution of high-stakes litigation strategy, involving the world’s leading electronics manufacturers, concluding with substantial settlements consistent with the client's expectations

Intrinsic Law Corp. brings strong experience in the liability analysis and investigative phases of a serious patent enforcement program. We are well-equipped to perform technical and legal diligence in preparation for conducting IP licensing and litigation in the mobile communications field. Our experience to clients and law firms can be valuable even after a patent enforcement or defense action has commenced as a complement to the efforts and expertise of clients' litigation counsel. Whether enforcing or defending an action in the mobile communications field, we offer independent high- end counseling to navigate the complex landscape ahead.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

We helped our clients prepare patents in advanced techniques for optical character recognition. Also see the Speech Recognition, and Language Systems case studies.

Semiconductor Devices

Our attorneys have experience prosecuting patent applications for world leading makers of integrated circuits. We have also helped clients build patent portfolios in and have provided counseling and legal opinions relating to photonic and photo-voltaic device technologies and applications. Our attorneys' litigation background in U.S. federal and administrative courts includes assertion of patents relating to the design and operation of integrated circuits for on-chip clock management, power control, memory systems, and special-purpose circuit designs.

Speech Recognition

Our clients include world-leading automated speech recognition (ASR) innovators. We are assisting clients in developing and protecting their ASR technology for applications in military and civilian use, including applications for persons with disabilities and applications for use in personal mobile devices over a mobile-to-server wireless network. Also see our Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Language Systems case studies.

Power Generation and Propulsion

We are proud to offer unique expertise in the power generation and propulsion fields. Our expertise includes military and civilian applications of nuclear power, motors, generators, marine power and propulsion systems, undersea systems, quality control (Seasafe) systems, steam systems, hydraulics, reactor systems and controls, radiological controls, electrical power distribution equipment and controls