Intrinsic Law Corp.® was founded for the benefit of both clients and attorneys to attain a better attorney-client working relationship. We extend our service beyond the billable hour model, and our approach allows clients to reach out to their counsel and involve their lawyers in all substantive operations of a technology company. The result is a cost-effective way to obtain specialized counsel who are integrated within the operations of their clients in situations where a dedicated in-house IP counsel is not necessary or feasible.

By providing Embedded Legal Presence® we provide counseling before and during important transactions and activities of our clients, as well as integrating the institutional knowledge gained into ongoing work to the benefit of both clients and counsel. From formation to hiring to initial technology transfers, and on to development and licensing and exit, we are committed to an integrated attorney-client relationship that goes beyond the conventional request-and-respond model which leaves clients without the benefit of proper counsel and leaves their attorneys in the dark as to the business and technical needs of the client. Our team is integrated with its clients, remotely and on-site as needed, to the degree required to maintain a proper understanding of the legal, business, and technical developments within our client companies on an ongoing basis.

As a result of the present model, our clients are not economically penalized for reaching out and involving their counsel, and our lawyers are able to dig in deep with their clients and establish strong relationships to advise proactively and on a continuing basis. The close attorney-client relationship resulting from our intrinsic relationship to our clients enables us to provide meaningful work product quickly and more cost-effectively than possible under the traditional request-and-respond model for client-lawyer interaction.

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